Sereneview’s Hospital Curtain Alternatives

Karlene Green, MSN, RN, Clinical Manager, Surgical Services at Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center was looking for an alternative to the curtains that kept getting caught in the door. Sometimes there is very little room in a treatment station or room. Sereneview now offers a special opaque white privacy film that mounts on glass with beautiful photography visible from one side.

Karlene Green says, “When I took over this department about a year and a half ago, we had the beautiful curtains, but we also had these doors, and the curtains and the doors did not go together because they would get stuck here. So what was happening is we would leave the glass doors open and pull the curtains for privacy and for the patients to look at, of course. But it was so loud in here, and here with our patients and our providers that it becomes very noisy, and so with had a lot of patient complaints about that. So we reached out to Don, and he was able to work something out with Sereneview to transpose the images on the curtains onto these glass doors entirely. Each of the 10 bays in surgical admitting has the Sereneview scenes on these glass doors. Now we can close the doors. The patients can continue to enjoy the images, and then they also have privacy, and it’s a decrease in noise, which is also an increase in patient satisfaction. It has a nice calming effect. Cleaning is a lot easier. You can just wipe the glass off, and the patients really appreciate it. My experience with the patient when I’m admitting the patient is they like to guess where this image was taken, and so that kind of preoccupies them and decreases their stress level prior to surgery.

Loren asked, “How about the staff? How has the staff responded?”

Karlene gushed, “They love them. They absolutely love them, because it has a calming effect, and they’re so pretty. Again, it’s an ice breaker. It lets the nurse and the patient talk about something besides having their surgery done.”