Change of Scenery in a Snap with Snap72


Sereneview Snap72 combines snap panels with our scenic curtains for a truly modular system.

Snap72 panels allow you to change out only the soiled curtain panels without climbing on a ladder. The benefits include reducing the time it takes to change out a curtain, laundering costs, and the liability of staff injury.

1-72″ Tuscan blue panel.

All Sereneview curtains and our new Snap72 system include standard Armor protection.

The antimicrobial is a durable, non-leaching finish. Recently tested with SARS-CoV2, the viral load on the fabric was reduced by over 60% within 15 minutes and 97.9% within 60 minutes. The antimicrobial protects patients and staff from MRSA, C. diff, staph, bacteria, and other microorganisms.


1-72” Tuscan blue panel + 1-72” Scenic panel.

Additionally, our fabric has a stain guard that prevents bodily fluids, dirt, and even Betadine from becoming permanent. All of these stains can be removed with any off-the-shelf cleaner while leaving the curtain in place.

Terminal cleaning events won’t require changing the curtains, leading to faster room turnaround times.

3-72” (216”) Tuscan blue panels.

All this adds up to significant savings on laundering vs. your typical curtain, and even more when comparing disposable curtains. Finally, a curtain that gives you aesthetics, durability, protection, increased patient satisfaction, improvements in staff morale, and a return on your investment.

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2-72” Tuscan blue panels + 1-144” (288”) Scenic panel.