Lutheran Medical Center – Wheat Ridge, CO

Sereneview Curtains Improve Room Turnaround Time
and Patient Relaxation

Marcella M. Lucas, PACU Shift Specialty Coordinator, Lutheran Medical Center- Wheat Ridge, CO

Exempla Lutheran Medical Center has been researching ways to minimize the downtime the terminal cleaning process has on their patient capacity.  Part of this protocol includes replacing the curtain with a spare, often taking up to thirty minutes and requiring staff to get on a ladder which delays use of the room and exposes staff to the risk of falling.

Before Sereneview curtains were installed.

Installing Sereneview curtains, which are treated with both Armor StainGuard and AEGIS Microbe Shield, has addressed both of these issues. With the durable AEGIS Shield antibacterial system, the Sereneview curtains have repeatedly tested negative for the presence of MRSA and C. diff. Dirt, bodily fluids, Betadine, mold, and ink are wiped off easily, due to the Armor StainGuard protection. By eliminating the need to replace their curtains, the room turnaround time has been reduced.

In addition to expediting the terminal cleaning process, the staff of the PACU unit was pleased to report an additional benefit of the new curtains. Their Sereneview curtains feature beautiful panoramic landscape photos of the nearby Rocky Mountains. “Patients and staff love the curtains. The most noticeable effect is that the images are a conversation starter and that patients are more relaxed in this setting. They like the image curtains much more than the standard curtains found elsewhere.”

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