Hospital Curtain Sereneview

Hospital Curtains

Sereneview® Custom Curtains feature beautiful landscape photography that draws the viewer into a daydream-like state of mind. This releases serotonin, reducing blood pressure and stress without having to medicate a patient during observation or painful procedures. Patients remember those small touches when asked where they want to be treated.

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Ceiling Tiles, Lighting Luminaires Eliminate Boredom

For patients lying in exam chairs or in a bed, Sereneview overheads offer a calming, scenic view of Nature. Overheads can be configured to fit any ceiling grid layout no matter how big you want to make it.

Patients sitting in a chair looking up waiting for drilling to begin, are stressed waiting for the pain they are about to feel. Sereneview Scenic Overheads will calm and relax your patients for a better experience.

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Wall Treatments

For patients in a hospital or clinic setting, Sereneview wall treatments offer an engaging, scenic view of Nature.

The Sereneview Acoustical Wall Panels & Systems feature a Nature Scene or your own image. Stretched fabric acoustic panel systems can enhance public spaces while reducing noise.

Wall murals bring Nature indoors in lobbies, hallways, and public spaces – without the wildlife.

The Sereneview Light Boxes feature a Nature scene or your own image.

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Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center - Santa Fe, NM Glass door and partiction privacy solutions from Sereneview


Bring nature into your glass-enclosed bays with Sereneview Windows. Patients will think they are right there, and all they have to do is relax and enjoy the scenery. The Windows are printed on a 2 mil mylar and mounted outside the room. The panels are durable and easy to wipe clean which meets all infection control standards.

The Sereneview Windows feature a Nature scene or your own image.

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