10 Reasons to Choose Sereneview Curtains Over Disposable Curtains and Other Competing Products

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Disposable curtains are made of plastic and replaced after they’ve been soiled or exposed to any number of microorganisms. Even though they claim to be recyclable, the plastics recycling business worldwide is not functioning as envisioned, with the disposable curtains adding to the pile-up. Today, you have to pay to dispose of plastics, even more if it’s biohazardous.

AEGIS Microbe Shield is a durable, non-leaching technology safer than other antimicrobial systems. Other
antimicrobials rely on leaching to repel microorganisms. The AEGIS technology repels these microorganisms on contact
without leaching into the environment. It has exceeded fifty commercial launderings in durability.

Recently, our Avalon Armor fabric passed testing with the SARS-COVID-2 virus that shares the same RNA genome and responds in the same way as COVID-19. The tests used a Control fabric without any finishes to compare with the Avalon Armor Test fabric, with AEGIS® antimicrobial and stain-guard finishes. The Microbiological Solutions Lab tested the material at fifteen-minute and one-hour intervals. After the lab applied feline coronavirus to both fabrics, the Control fabric showed a 48.91% viral load reduction after fifteen minutes versus 60.44% for the Armor fabric. After one hour, the Control fabric showed a 71.27% viral load reduction, versus 97.91% with the Avalon Armor fabric. In a previous test, both swatches were exposed to UV light, mimicking a similar protocol using UV-C machines. The Controlfabric showed an 81.58% reduction of the viral load. In comparison, the treated Armor fabric showed a 99.95% reduction of the viralload.

Our printing process requires different printing art on each side of the fabric with a process called “dye-sublimation.” The material has a unique construction so that the printing on one side doesn’t bleed through. This construction gives the fabric additional opacity.

Bodily fluids, betadine, ink pen marks, oil, dirt, and grease all come out with off-the-shelf cleaners, even after six months.

Sure, disposables are cheaper initially versus a Sereneview curtain. But then you have to consider that you will need to change the disposable curtain as many a six-times in one month. By the time you add labor, you’re already spending more per month than you would if you had a Sereneview curtain. Imagine what you could do with all that extra money and time wasted hanging and removing disposable curtains.

Initial Cost
Labor to Change
Changes per month - Based on 5-day stay
Cost First Month
Cost per subsequent months
Cost First Year
Cost per years 2 - 5
Cost per 5 years for 1 track curtain

If you want to affect patient care, start with the staff. Studies have shown that team members are more efficient when they view nature during a normal shift. Patients notice calmer staff and respond accordingly.

We’re all wired the same. And when viewing nature, our bodies release serotonin, the happy hormone. They are a quiet distraction. The staff likes to use the curtains as a distraction when administering uncomfortable procedures.

Snap72 is 72” wide x 66” tall curtain panels that snap to the mesh. If one of those panels gets soiled, you don’t have to pull the whole curtain down. You change the dirty panel and replace it with a spare panel—all without climbing on a ladder.

With digital printing, we offer unique designs with a
specific color palette applied for a coordinated look and feel.