Sereneview Image Library

Creating a Sereneview Custom Curtain is easy:

1) Select a curtain size,
2) Select a style – Landscape or Window Frame and frame color,
3) Select a photo — all photos will fit the selected size,
4) Select a curtain height, including mesh.

Custom sizes and color matching are available on request.
For help with the Image Library, call 1-888-515-6578.

Please choose a curtain width first.

Please choose an Image in Step 3 first.

Generate Preview PDF

If you are trying a new image, be sure to click the “Generate Preview PDF” button again to create a fresh view.

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This form is only for you to preview a curtain. If you want to request a sample curtain, please fill out this form. If you have any questions, please contact Loren at 888-515-6578.