Sereneview Custom Curtains: Enhance the Patient Experience

Sereneview® Custom Curtains feature beautiful landscape photography that draws the viewer into a daydream-like state of mind. This releases serotonin, reducing blood pressure and stress without having to medicate a patient during observation or painful procedures. Patients remember those small touches when asked where they want to be treated. The curtains will brighten up any space, (see above photo) no matter the condition.

Below is a video showing the ease of changing a curtain with a zipper in what we like to say is a “Quick Change of Scenery.” With a zipper option, you can change a curtain no matter the size in less than a minute.

Need more proof, try it out for 30-days and see for yourself. This is what a positive “Patient Experience” is about.


Custom* Curtains – Landscape Style

Custom Curtains Landscape Style

The Sereneview® Landscape style curtain features a large Nature scene filling the fabric part of the curtain edge-to-edge surrounding the patient with nature. With our new Custom curtains, you can choose from over 200 beautiful nature scenes in our Image Library or use your own photo. Our photos start at six feet wide and are as large as twenty-five feet wide.

Custom Curtains – Window Frame Style

Custom curtains window frame style

The Sereneview® Window Frame style curtain features a Nature scene, framed with a solid color or a graphic treatment to give the impression that the patient is looking out a window. You can choose from over 200 beautiful nature scenes in our Image Library or use your own photo.

*A minimum order charge is applied to orders of 50 yards or less for CUSTOM Curtains.

Glass Door & Partition Privacy Solutions

Sereneview® has a solution for glass doors and partitions with our beautiful landscape photos printed on a cleanable mylar.

Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center - Santa Fe, NM Glass door and partiction privacy solutions from Sereneview
Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center, AM Admit – Santa Fe, NM