Research on Nature & Healing

Nature Enhances Patient Experience and Healing
Exposure to Nature releases serotonin, reducing patient stress and boosting staff satisfaction.

Based on decades of empirical research, Sereneview® products bring Nature to the hospital setting with evidence-based designs.

Forty years of research documented the link between viewing Nature photographs and lowering blood pressure, lowering anxiety, reducing the need for pain medication, shorter hospital stays, and fewer complications after surgery. Exposure to a Nature scene affects the autonomic nervous system and enhances healing.

Viewing a beautiful Nature scene can increase employee satisfaction and patient recovery rate and quality.

Extensive research studies show that viewing Nature plays a key role in healing.

What is visual therapy? A brief outline of the concepts and intentions of visual therapy.

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Managing Pain with Guided Imagery in the ICU

Click to read the PDF results of the survey as presented at the 2009 Planetree Annual Conference in Baltimore.

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