You can raise your HCAPS scores by doing a little research measuring your patient satisfaction levels. Because there are no tools that take the curtains into consideration, we have developed a five-point Likert scale that includes room decor into the questions asked to properly measure the effect the curtains have on patients.

Five-point Scale:

1 is Very Poor, 2 is Poor, 3 is Fair, 4 is Good, and 5 is Very Good.

  1. Timely response to Call Lights/requests?
  2. Friendliness/Courtesy of Nurses?
  3. Attention paid to your special needs?
  4. How well the Nurses helped you understand your treatments, tests and condition?
  5. Skill of Nurses?
  6. How did the room decor (curtains, room size, etc.) add to your comfort level?
  7. Rate your overall hospital Experience?
  8. (Optional) Signature

You can alter the questions to suit your objective or add more. But there is only so much space and asking too many questions can limit response levels.

More research: