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Sereneview® Curtains

Sereneview® Custom Curtains feature beautiful landscape photography that draws the viewer into the photograph in a daydream-like state of mind. This releases serotonin, reducing blood pressure and stress without having to medicate a patient during observation or painful procedures. Patients remember those small touches when asked about their recent visit. Studies have shown that staff is more engaged and efficent working in a clean and nuturing environment.

Sereneview curtains now feature Armor Protection, a layer of protection from bodily fluids, Betadine, liquid charcoal, ink pen marks, dirt, and various microbes. A stain-guard combined with AEGIS Microbe Shield system provides antibacterial properties, an additional level of protection for patients and staff. Stains wipe clean with a typical non-bleach cleaner even after the stain has dried. Armor Protection can reduce laudering frequency and extend the useful-life of the curtain.

Need more proof, try it out for 30-days and see for yourself.

Sereneview® Ceilings

Sereneview® Ceilings are backlit luminaire panels and solid tiles featuring beautiful nature photography to eliminate boredom and relieve stress & anxiety during difficult procedures. Make a small space feel more open with a ceiling mural of multiple tiles.

Sereneview® Wall Treatments

Sereneview® Wall Treatments can transform your clinical space into a more nuturing environment by immersing everyone in nature. Stretched-fabric murals with acoustic panels can improve sound with environmentally certified materials that add LEED credits and are a durable solution to paint. Vinyl murals are also available.

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