CHRISTUS St. Vincent Pediatric Unit Hospital Curtains

Help For Our Youngest Patients

Over the years, we’ve always been asked at nursing conferences what we have for available for pediatrics. We, in turn, would ask, “What would you like to see?” Unfortunately, character images require expensive licensing, and may not appeal to a wider range of ages. For example, a 16-year-old may not find Paw Patrol characters as comforting as preschoolers. However, as research shows, when we view nature our body emits serotonin, the happy hormone. No matter the age, from pediatrics all the way up to geriatrics, we’re all wired the same.

Making it Happen

Sabrina M. Garcia BSN, RN, CPN
Clinical Manager 3300/Pediatrics
Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center

Sabrina Garcia, the Pediatrics Leader, and her staff wanted to make sure to preserve the hand and footprints on the walls in the unit before they started their planned refresh. She also determined that hot air balloons appealed to all age groups and wanted to incorporate the images into the curtain design along with the hand and footprints they loved so much.

In New Mexico, hot air balloons are a part of annual events and celebrations. Initially, we didn’t have hot air balloon images on-hand. As luck would have it, Sereneview was able to attend the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in October 2018.  The Fiesta is the world’s largest balloon gathering, and we were able to get several panoramas to use on curtains and overheads. We then used photos of the hand and footprints, stitched them together into a 40’ long panel, then split into smaller curtain panels.

The result is a lovely blend of hot air balloon images and the special connection of the hand and footprints, which, as Sabrina mentions, are of staff member’s family. Sabrina says, “What we love about them is that they’re easy to clean. We have lots of kids in isolation, and so it has a lot of benefits as far as preventing contamination of patients. But more importantly, the kids love them.”

It’s Curtains for Stress

Sereneview offers customizable patient privacy curtains, overheads, and wall treatments featuring landscape photography and the innovative AEGIS Microbial Shield® System. Contact us to learn how Sereneview can give your patients and staff a healing and stress-reducing environment.