St. Anne’s Hospital – Fall River, MA

Safe & Sane Psych Patients

Lisa Porawski, MA, RN, Team Leader – Emergency Department, Saint Anne’s Hospital – Fall River, MA

Saint Anne's Hospital - Fall River, MA Saint Anne's Hospital - Fall River, MA

“Since the renovation of the new Emergency Department I have always felt the 2 rooms specifically designed for the care of psychiatric patients, although clean and safe, were less than therapeutic for a patient with a psychiatric condition. This feeling was due to the lack of natural elements within the room, such as nature, soothing colors and relaxing music.

After much research for a Master’s project in Integrated Health and Healing, I was allowed by Saint Anne’s Hospital, a part of Steward Health Care, to redesign one of the rooms in an effort to improve the therapeutic environment. During my research I came across the Sereneview website and knew it was the perfect element needed in these rooms. The curtain would allow the introduction to nature and color, while keeping the environment safe.

As an artist, I felt by complimenting the curtain with a matching hand-painted mural on the wall would be the ultimate way to produce the therapeutic environment I was searching for.”

Saint Anne's Hospital - Fall River, MA

The curtain and mural has been a success, keeping the room safe, yet improving the outcome of the patients by decreasing anxiety, promoting relaxation, while also adding to staff satisfaction.