Sereneview Partners with ICP Medical

AVALON, CA – May 17, 2023 – Sereneview®, a Catalina Curtain Company Inc. brand, recently signed an exclusive sales agreement with ICP Medical, a division of TEAM Technologies, for 10 of Sereneview’s nature scenes to be included in their Rapid Refresh® Privacy Curtain System. “With ICP Medical’s network of sales representatives and distribution, combined with our creative production capabilities, will offer ICP Medical’s partners an aesthetically pleasing and sustainable curtain,” stated Sereneview® CEO Ernesto Rodriguez.

In addition to the 10 nature scenes, ICP Medical has 11 repeatable patterns to complement and back up the nature scenes. Click here for the Curtain Builder to view the new ICP/Sereneview line.

The curtains are made with our triple-weave, 100% polyester fabric with Armor finishes, including AEGIS® non-leaching antimicrobial and stain guard from bodily fluids, betadine, and other stains. The middle layer is also replaced with a black material to improve privacy.

About ICP Medical
ICP Medical, a division of TEAM Technologies, is a leading manufacturer of healthcare solutions centered primarily around infection control and prevention. The company services hospitals and medical facilities throughout the United States and the world. ICP Medical’s Rapid Refresh® product line is a proprietary brand of infection control and prevention products aimed at reducing the number of hospital-associated infections through increased compliance. For more information, visit

About TEAM Technologies
Headquartered in Morristown, TN, with 13 facilities throughout the United States and international facilities in Mexico and Singapore, TEAM Technologies fulfills its mission to help those who help others by developing and producing healthcare products that enhance the lives and safety of patients. TEAM boasts an extensive lineup of manufacturing and design processes tailored to provide specialty solutions in medical, oral care, infection prevention and control, and other healthcare use cases. With an entrepreneurial mindset and a management team with deep industry experience, TEAM Technologies leverages seamless, turnkey processes and innovation to impact the success of TEAM’s customers positively. For more infoarmtion, visit

About Sereneview®
Sereneview® products are in use in more than 800 healthcare facilities nationwide. The company’s murals, cubicle curtains, and scenic overheads feature complementary designs and patterns that can be customized to a facility’s exact specifications. In addition, Sereneview® curtains are made with washable, antibacterial, latex-free, fire-retardant materials, making them sanitary and fully code compliant. For more information about Sereneve products to