Sereneview & Tana-Tex Team-up

Sereneview offers four Tana-Tex Designs

CHICAGO – Sereneview and Tana-Tex are teaming up to offer four of Tana-Tex’s Point of View designs to back-up large panorama’s in the Sereneview Library of nature photography. With the addition of the Tana-Tex designs, Sereneview now offers nine designs for the backside of their Custom Curtains. The Tana-Tex designs being offered initially are; Chai, Ginko, Grasslands, and Maycroft, each has three colorway options. More Tana-Tex patterns are also available upon request.

In addition to the Tana-Tex designs, Sereneview will also offer Tana-Tex mesh, which has a much softer feel than our normal mesh. Tana-Tex mesh comes in two widths; 20″ and 26″, for 88″ and 94″ finished heights.

Sereneview products are in use in more than 800 healthcare facilities nationwide. The company’s line of murals, cubicle curtains and scenic overheads feature complementary designs and patterns, and can be customized to a facility’s exact specifications. Sereneview curtains are made with washable, antibacterial, latex-free, fire retardant materials, making them sanitary and fully code compliant.

Tana-Tex products are available through Architects, Wholesalers, Interior Design Professionals, Dealers and Contract Jobbers. Our products have worldwide distribution and are engineered to meet the rigors of commercial healthcare environments. Tana-Tex fabrics are flame retardant with available anti-microbial and stain/fluid release finishes.

Tana-Tex Inc. maintains a unique position in the industry in that we are the sole provider of integral mesh fabrics. Our on-site factory has the capability to design, weave, and create proprietary, private label fabric collections as well as offering a wide variety of open line collections to meet your needs.

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