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Our First Customer Completes the Circle

Mad River Community Hospital - Arcata, CA

Patients and staff love the extra touch Sereneview curtains give the Emergency Room. We recently checked in with the Emergency Room Nurse Manager and she reports that they are holding up great and still attract a lot of attention from the patients.

Mad River Community Hospital in Arcata, CA, is in the heart of the costal redwoods of Northern California, where the idea of the Sereneview scenic curtain was inspired. Today, our first customer proudly displays Sereneview curtains in their Emergency Department.

The serenity of the redwoods is unmistakable, and that serenity is what photographer Ernesto Rodriguez wanted to communicate in his photography for his friend Dave, lying in a Southern California hospital bed. When Ernesto got the idea of bringing nature to Dave’s hospital room, in November 1997, he wasn’t quite sure how he would do that, since there was no space on the hospital walls for Ernesto’s photographic art. The Sereneview cubicle curtain was born.

Five years, many prototypes and chance connections later, in September 2002, Catalina Curtain Company, Inc. was formed, to market the Sereneview brand of privacy cubicle curtains. The first order, in November 2002, came from Mad River Community Hospital, after their staff saw the scenic Sereneview hospital curtains on display at a Monterey, CA. leadership conference.

The local Arcata newspaper and television station appreciatively covered the new scenic curtain additions to the hospital. Patients and staff loved the extra touch the curtains gave the Emergency Room. We recently checked with the Emergency Room Nurse Manager, and she reports that the Sereneview curtains are holding up great, and still attract a lot of attention from patients and their families.

And that is how we have come full circle from where we began.