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Sereneview Image Library

Creating a Sereneview Custom Curtain is easy:

1) Select a curtain size,
2) Select a style - Landscape or Window Frame and frame color,
3) Select a photo — all photos will fit the selected size,
4) Select a curtain height, including mesh.

Custom sizes and color matching are available on request.

For help with the Image Library, call 1-888-515-6578.

Please choose a curtain width first.

Please choose an Image in Step 3 first.

Once you have completed selecting your Custom Curtain options, make sure to download the PDF's to your local drive and email them to Loren Price along with your shipping information, including your phone number. We will contact you to verify your request and make sure we have all the correct information. Your curtain will ship in 6-8 weeks. If you have any questions, please contact Loren at 888-515-6578.