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General Services Administration

Approved GSA Vendor

Catalina Curtain Company is an approved GSA Vendor registered with Central Contractors Registry (CCR) and System For Award Management (SAM). To view the Terms & Conditions and other information about the contract, click here to download.

These unique products enhance healing and bring Nature to the hospital setting, including:

  • Competitive pricing
  • A complete line of beautiful, Nature-themed hospital privacy curtains, window coverings, top treatments and wall treatments
  • Durable fabric with antibacterial properties and a range of standard and custom sizes for large and small spaces
  • Design flexibility and service, regional and stock scenes, color combinations for any palette
  • Planetree partner, to assist facilities in achieving mandated, patient-oriented upgrades

For a Sereneview® Product price quote or to place an order, please email Loren Price or call 888.515.6578 toll-free

Sereneview® Products

  • Bring Nature to the Hospital Setting
  • Scenic Hospital Curtains - Nature scenes and Nature-inspired patterns
  • Scenic Overheads - Ceiling tiles, lighting overheads, lightboxes
  • Scenic Wall Treatments- Acoustic wall panels, wall murals
  • Scenic Window Coverings