About AEGIS Antimicrobial

To protect against hospital-acquired infections (HAI’s), we embed AEGIS Microbe Shield® into the fabric. AEGIS® is a full spectrum liquid antimicrobial suitable for use in a wide range of cross-linked urethane chemistries, including urethane foams, coatings, and Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) processes. AEGIS® technology is an easy to process liquid formulation that can be pre-mixed into polyols and provides excellent antimicrobial activity in finished products and long-term stability and durability in polymer applications. AEGIS® is a durable and non-leaching antimicrobial technology that has a proven track record.

The active ingredient in AEGIS® forms a protective coating that can molecularly bond with products upon application. Bacteria are attracted to the coating’s positive charge, and upon coming into contact with the treated surface, they quickly die. When applied to surfaces, AEGIS® forms a colorless, odorless, positively charged polymer that attracts, then electrocutes and ruptures, a microbe’s negatively charged cell membrane.

AEGIS® inhibits the growth of bacteria on surfaces by utilizing a charge disruption mode of action. AEGIS® is a cationic antimicrobial that’s attracted to the microbe’s cell wall and neutralizes the cell wall’s natural protection by interacting with cellular proteins needed to maintain cell wall integrity. Its charge- disruption mode of action leads to the eventual breakdown of the microbial cell (also known as lysis), eliminating odor, stains, and deterioration.

AEGIS Microbe Shield® is a brand that is part of the Microban International, Ltd. portfolio of similar products. The Microban® brand and technologies are utilized by 250+ manufacturers on over 1000 products in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Additionally, we apply a finish that prevents stains from becoming embedded into the fabric at the same time as the AEGIS®. These finishes only work with 100% polyester fabric and are applied at over 400 degrees of heat. At that temperature, the fibers in the polyester open and embed the AEGIS® and stain-guard permanently into the fabric.

The colors, patterns, and photos on the curtains are printed on paper using dye sublimation inks and then transferred to the fabric at over 400 degrees of dry heat in two separate passes. The AEGIS® and stain-guard are embedded deeper with these two passes.

Non-leaching technology

Over eight months, we tested curtains for MRSA and C diff by swabbing the high touch areas before laundering and having them analyzed by an independent lab. The curtains tested negative in all tests. This PDF is a summary report of the results.

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Recently, our Armor fabric passed testing with the SARS-COVID-2 virus that shares the same RNA genome and responds in the same way as COVID-19. The tests used a Control fabric that did not have the AEGIS® or stain-guard finishes to compare with the Armor Test fabric printed on both sides with the AEGIS® and stain-guard. One hour after the feline coronavirus was applied, both swatches were exposed to UV light, mimicking a similar protocol using UV-C machines. The Control fabric showed an 81.58% reduction of the viral load, while the treated Armor fabric showed a 99.95% reduction of the viral load.

A PDF copy of the report can be found here.